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This project falls under the Lithium Americas umbrella of Lithium Nevada Corporation (LNC). Project site is located ~3 hours northeast of Reno at the southern end of the McDermitt Caldera in Humboldt County, NV, and ~25 miles from the Nevada-Oregon border (or ~1 hour northwest of Winnemucca, NV).

The Project will be developed as an open-pit mining operation using conventional, continuous mining equipment. Given the soft, clay nature of the deposit, minimal blasting and crushing is anticipated. The ore will then be processed in a leaching circuit using sulfuric acid to liberate the lithium from the claystone. Following the leaching process, the lithium bearing solution will be purified using crystallizers and reagents to produce battery-quality Li2CO3.

The Thacker Pass site has a flat and expansive terrain which allows for a very compact footprint and for future potential expansions.

Bechtel will have responsibility for the full EPC/EPCM scope.


Bechtel is seeking a Buyer for the Mining & Metals teame. The position will be responsible for performing purchase order formation and administration activities when required by workload, complexity, or other factors. Performs duties in the purchasing, including bidder prequalification, bidder lists, bid solicitation, bid analysis, negotiation and commitment of purchase orders in accordance with Project Procurement Procedure and Supply Chain IWPP.

Performs administration of purchase orders following commitments involving high monetary expenditure or risk, engineered technical specifications, or supplementary commercial conditions. Develops and monitors purchasing master pro-forma documents for both domestic and international projects. Participates in the planning, work hour calculations and budgeting as it relates to project purchasing activities.


The Buyer is principally responsible for:

  • Develops and prepares project master purchases pro-forma forms, including legal and commercial terms and conditions to be included in purchase documents on project commitments. Reviews prime contract terminology and transfers applicable legal and commercial terms into the pro-forma documents.
  • Reviews and develops other commercial and technical data prepared by Engineering, Construction, Finance, Traffic & Logistics, Insurance, Tax and other procurement functional groups and inputs suitable terminology into pro-forma documents.
  • Participates in the development of project purchasing procedures.
  • Prepares, maintains and monitors project bidders lists, prequalifies bidders, form and issues bid packages, prepares commercial bid summary and recommendation letter, establishes files and controls for all incoming/outgoing correspondence, and ensuring input is received from all procurement functions and other operational groups.
  • Monitors supplier’s performance for conformance to commercial terms including activities by engineering and other in-house functions to ensure compliance with the order terms.
  • Participates in the planning, work hour calculations, budgeting and other related activities in projecting purchasing staffing requirements for projects.
  • Reviews international project commercial conditions of purchasing to ensure purchasing pro-forma terms, conditions and procedures are compatible with applicable Bechtel Directives, Instructions and Procurement Procedures.
  • Forms, issues, and administers purchase orders. Communicates with suppliers to achieve required service and meet project needs. Communicates with Engineering to assist and/or guide them in the preparation of material requisitions. Prepares and organizes assigned Procurement sponsored meetings.
  • Directs negotiations in the commitment of purchases, following review and approval of the proposed negotiating plan by the designated supervisor.
  • Provides training and guidance to other purchasing personnel regarding all aspects of formation and administration of purchasing forms, procedures, and buying goods.
  • Assists project Procurement team when instructed in solving and attending to administrative problems on commitments involving high monetary expenditure or risk, engineered technical specifications or supplemental commercial conditions.
  • Assures that project purchasing of equipment and materials is consistent with Bechtel Directives, Management Instructions, and Procurement Procedures.
  • Coordinates Purchasing operations in both the project’s control office and support offices to assure compliance with project requirements. In conjunction with the global business unit Field Procurement Manager, provides functional guidance to Purchasing personnel at the project jobsite.


Basic Qualifications:

The Buyer shall be knowledgeable and/or experienced in:

  • Typically requires a minimum of 8 years of related experience. Related technical training preferred.
  • Knowledge of international commercial conditions of buying as well as international suppliers.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Proficiency and experience in the formation and administration of purchase orders through the several steps of bidder prequalification, compilation of bid requests, receipt of bids, bid evaluation, award, monitoring the performance of suppliers and buyers, backcharge procedures, resolution of claims and disputes, and other such related steps.
  • Proficiency in all phases of procurement including knowledge of and skill in communicating effectively with suppliers, bidder prequalification, preparation of bidders lists, compilation of bid requests, knowledge of Uniform Commercial Code or applicable commercial legislation, negotiation of contracted terms and conditions, and award of commitments.
  • Proficiency in the administration of commitments, monitoring supplier performance, backcharge procedures, and the resolution of claims and disputes.
  • Knowledge in Digital Supply Chain System (DSCS) Purchasing Module to perform purchasing activities.
  • Skilled in working with and communicating effectively both orally and in writing in English with other project functional groups, primarily Engineering, Construction, Project Management and other services.

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