English Teaching Jobs in Mexico City

Teach Away

EFL English Teacher

Number of Vacancies: 1

Student Level:

  • Elementary
Eligible Candidates:

  • University Graduate, Licensed Teacher, ESL Instructor

  • Education Required: Bachelor
  • Minimum Teaching Experience: 2 years of teaching experience
  • Major: Education, Elementary School Teacher
  • Required Certificates:
    Teaching Credential/License
    TESL/TEFL Certificate
  • For candidates who are natives of non-English speaking countries, we require C1 certification.
  • For this particular position, teachers who already have a work visa for Mexico will be given preference. The school will give all the letters and documents required for those who don’t have a visa yet, but who are interested in the position and complete the hiring process.
Job Benefits:Insurance and monetary benefits

  • 13th-month pay in December (“aguinaldo”)
  • Private Medical insurance for you and your underage children
  • Approx. 100USD in food vouchers monthly (Edenred https://www.edenred.mx “Vales de despensa”)
  • 9% savings account, matched by the school and paid in full during December (each fortnight 9% of your salary will be withheld and put into a savings account. This amount is matched by the school, so if $2 were deducted from your paycheck, $4 will be put into the account)

Days off & Vacation

  • All bank holidays
  • SEP (Ministry of Education) specific holidays
  • At least 3 weeks over the summer (depending on SEP calendar)
  • At least 2 weeks over winter break (depending on SEP calendar)
  • 2 weeks during spring break (corresponding with Holy Week and Easter Week)
  • Law mandated vacation: 6 days for the first year, increasing by two days with each passing year up to 14 days; after which the 2-day increase will come at every 5 years.

Other benefits

  • Parking space at no cost
  • Professional development opportunities
Job Description:We are looking for an amazing EFL teacher to join our team teaching elementary students. You would be joining a highly dynamic and energetic team that seeks to bring out the best in each student. Our classes range from 10 to 29 students, and you would be working with two classes at the most.

Our English teachers are expected to plan their lessons covering the main areas of the language (reading, writing, speaking, and conventions), as well as grading. Along with English, our team also covers the Science curriculum, at least twice a week, using National Geographic materials. Our teaching approach is Comprehensive Literacy Model.

Working hours are 7:00-3:00. A typical day starts with motor lobby duty every other week from 7:00 to 7:20.

Class periods range from 45 to 50 minutes; we have four periods before the lunch break and four periods after lunch. Some days you will have at least one “free” period while students have other classes (technology, religion, music, sports), some days you will have even two or three such periods on alternating weeks. You are responsible for getting your students to and from these special classes (except for religion which is taught in your classroom, and the teacher will come to you).

You will be teaching in your classroom, and students will change classrooms for their different subjects. Part of your responsibility is to take them to and from some. of these classes.

Other duties you would be expected to cover our lunch/recess and dismissal which are covered by all teachers daily and takes about 20 minutes, after which you can go home even if it is before your “official” school day is over.

We offer gender-separated education, in mixed environments. This means that classes some classes are taught in single-gender classrooms and other classes and activities are co-ed or with students from two different grades based on academic performance. You can design lessons in which the girls present their work to the boys and vice versa, or have a joint project which would be worked on by each class and then put together.

We are currently shifting from traditional education to active-learning environments, so any ideas you have that make our students work in a cooperative, active, and reflective way are welcome! We favor differentiation and gamification, and we are sure that your ideas will benefit the community!

Being Catholic is not a requirement for the position, but you would be required to support the activities carried out by the school and attend functions such as First Friday Mass and Daily Communion with your students as a chaperone.

Payment is on the 15th and last day of the month.