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Crescendo Transcriptions

Freelance Transcriber (WFH)

Full Job Description

Crescendo is a start-up based in India, providing “Transcription and Analysis of audios in Indian Languages”. Crescendo’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home. We have built a technologically robust and advanced platform where we seamlessly transcribe and analyze audio’s in more than 30 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese & Oriya.

We are looking to add to our transcription team. We are swamped with work daily and we just can’t keep up.

These are the qualities you MUST have:

· You should be able to transcribe a Hindi or any Regional Language audio into English i.e. The audios would be in Hindi or any regional language, you will need to listen to it, understand what is being spoken and frame it in English and Transcribe

· Reliability: You must work most days consistently.

· Experience/Accuracy: You must be able to follow formats without any issues. Grammar and spelling is pertinent.

· Deadlines: You must meet specific deadlines. If you cannot do this, don’t apply. You are given the deadline before you accept a project

· Communication and Honesty: You must be in constant contact with updates on your work, we essentially need you to have a Gmail account for this

P.S: With Hindi if you are well versed with any other Indian language like Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada. Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Oriya etc it will be an add-on. In your application do write the languages you can work on.

Payment Details:

We pay by the audio hour, i.e. INR 400 per audio hour. By that what we mean is if you take an audio of 60 minutes and work on it for 8 hours to transcribe it, we will only be paying you INR 400 for the 60 minutes of audio and not for the whole 8 hours you spent working on it.

Example 1: If say you have taken up an audio which is 11 minutes and 26 seconds, we will pay you INR – 75.06 for it (11.26 mins * 6.66 INR per minute).

Example 2: If say you have taken up an audio which is 68 minutes and 45 seconds, we will pay you INR – 456.33 for it (68.45 mins * 6.66 INR per minute)

We pay you in any Bank Account (Indian) by NEFT that is online transfers.

We pay net 30 days from the date of invoice. But we understand that you need to develop trust on us for this so initially for the first 2 weeks we will pay you weekly, you have to make a time-sheet each Monday for all the work done in the previous week and we will clear it by Friday. Post this we would love to get you on our Monthly pay system.

We deduct a TDS of 1% on all our payments.

Note: We will take a 5 minutes transcription test to check if you are good for the same work. The test results will be communicated to all the applicants through an email. The candidates that are not shortlisted due to quality concerns would not be eligible for reapplication.

Job Type: Freelance


  • Work from home


  • Day shift
  • Flexible shift


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

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