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Senior Specialist: Agriculture Economics

Job Advert Summary

The Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa (Land Bank) is South Africa’s only specialist agricultural bank established in 1912, the bank’s sole objective is to serve South African commercial and emerging farmers and bring specially designed financial services within their reach. These services enable farmers to finance land, equipment, improve assets and obtain production credit. The Land Bank provides financial services that have moved with the times and continues to provide services to agri-business and constantly reviews its offerings to ensure that they match the needs of an industry. As change has swept across the sector in South Africa the socio-economic makeup of agriculture has altered, bringing new entrants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds on to the land, these new farmers, facing the challenges of establishing sustainable agri-businesses across the agricultural value chain, Land Bank has been a commercial lifeline offering appropriately designed financial products that facilitate personal and commercial viability in a sector that is vital to the sustainability of South Africa and its people.


To provide agricultural economic expertise to support the Workout and Restructuring (WRD) team thereby contributing to the quality of the loan book and mitigating potential risk on behalf of the Land Bank. Acts as the agricultural advisory specialist and provides technical expertise and recommendations for the restructure of corporate and commercial accounts.
Conducts viability studies, due diligence and compile business cases for distressed customers of the Bank and reduces / minimises loses through developing innovative solutions.
Conducts evaluations and effective monitoring of the sites as defined in terms of approved restructure agreements and business plans, proactively identify any potential risk and make remedial recommendations.
Provides input into the agricultural evaluation norms across all industries in which Land Bank operates.

Key Performance Areas

1. Perform quality management and primary evaluation

  • Compile and reviews quality of all Agricultural Economics reports for accuracy and sound application of accepted technical and financial agricultural principles.
  • Checks and reviews adherence to loan evaluation norms and standards as well as approved Workout and Restructuring manuals.
  • Identify and mitigate all potential risks from an agricultural perspective.
  • Analyse and assess all the reports and their suitability as a base case for restructure proposal by the WRD team.
  • Where required, perform client visits to conduct inspections, valuation and provide technical advice to clients.

2. Support the WRD team in the restructuring of the accounts

  • To represent the agricultural specialist function and the WRD team at the relevant credit committee to support the formal credit assessment process.
  • Present the assessment of the loan application to Credit Committee members as and when required in accordance with policies, procedures, legal requirements and accepted norms and standards.

3. Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitoring progress on projects restructured by WRD to ensure adherence to agreed terms and conditions of the loan agreement and turnaround plans.
  • Compile reports to the relevant credit committee highlighting any risks identified during the monitoring within reasonable timeline.
  • Managing client’s performance in accordance to agreed parameters using the relevant tools such as management accounts, cover statements, debtors,cycle reports etc.

4. Manage stakeholder relationships

  • Build and maintain effective stakeholder relations to support the business and promote awareness and understanding of sound agricultural and economic principles and standards.
  • Maintain awareness of all stakeholders (clients and provincial offices) of the processes and principles related to agricultural financing and credit assessment within the Land Bank environment.
  • May provide inputs with respect to product development or service offerings within area of responsibility and expertise.
  • Participate in the review of valuation of policy and manuals within the Land Bank regulators.

5. Advisory service and support

  • Assist the Specialists in Workout & Restructuring and the Specialists Agricultural at the Provincial offices on agricultural economics and related matters.
  • Provide advisory service in terms of agricultural norm group review and adjustments with agricultural specialist in credit

Preferred Minimum Education and Experience

  • 3 years’ degree in agriculture or equivalent diploma
  • 5 – 8 years’ Minimum demonstrated experience or exposure:
    o Agricultural Extension Services or
    o Agricultural Experience in a Co-op or similar organisation
    o Financial management principles
    o Credit assessment principles

Critical Competencies

  • Microsoft Office
  • Business Acumen
  • Farm evaluation and assessment
  • Financial Assessment
  • Agricultural industry norms (incl. Land Bank)
  • Report writing
  • Bank Form 90 evaluation / assessment

Additional Requirements

  • Travel Extensively
  • Extended hours as and when required.
  • Valid SA Driver’s License