Mumbai Film City Job With Contact Number

Apparently A Film Studio

Script Coordinator

About the job

Position: Writer’s Assistant/Script Co-ordinator

– Stickler for Rules
– Diligence
– Super Nerdy
– Sense of Humour
– Preferably into Genres like Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, or Thrillers.

– Creative Thinking
– Google Docs/Slides/Sheet
– Basic knowledge of Chat GPT
– Serial Binger
– Social Media Savvy
– Basic knowledge of Screenplay Formatting / FinalDraft
– Speak and read Hindi, English, Bengali (optional but preferable). People fluent in other languages can apply, too. No stress like that. But no Pig Latin.

Scope of work:
– Incessant Note Taking
– Extensive Researching
– Maintaining a flawless record of said Researching
– Compulsive Deck Making
– Rule Keeping and ensuring other writers stick to them
– Collaborating with and Contributing to the Room
– Reading all the screenplays and tracking every change and line of feedback.


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