Warehouse Job in Dubai

Proposal Boutique

Warehouseman and Driver

Full Job Description

You will be responsible for the smooth running of the warehouse by organizing stock, ensuring quality control, taking inventory.

You will prepare items required for the event and transport them safely to the venue at the designated time. You will assist the coordinators with the event setup and will help them pack away at the end of the night and safely return the items to the warehouse where you will be responsible for quality control, cleanliness and pack away.

You will report directly to the CEO regarding any logistics and will work under the event coordinators on the day of the event.

Skills and Qualifications

1. Good written and spoken English

2. Good project management skills

3. Physical strength and stamina

4. Safe driver

5. Good organizational skills

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Oversea the warehouse and ensure items are working correctly and are organised

2. Work with the Event Coordinator to prepare items required for the proposal from the job list

3. Ensure all items are working correctly prior to taking on event such as candle batteries

4. Ensure all items are of good quality prior to leaving the warehouse which includes checking that neon signs are working.

5. Repack items if required to ensure they do not break, this includes making cardboard covers for the glass vases

6. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy at all times and replace the bin bags.

7. Ensure the warehouse is organized and running smoothly

8. Take regular stock check of items

9. If items are broken or damaged, fix them. This can include sanding and painting of props, replacing cables and fixing batteries

10. Ensure the warehouse is correctly labelled to make it easy for access

11. Running errands as required such as Dragon Mart to source event items or nearby carpenters or shops

12. Drive items safely to the event location on schedule

13. Research and plan for traffic, construction and bad weather delays

14. Unload items to the required location for the proposal coordinators

15. Assist coordinators with the setup

16. Be on standby for the event coordinator in case they need you to fetch anything and bring it to them on the proposal

17. After the proposal, assist in packing the items away

18. Drive items back safely to the warehouse

19. Unload van and store items back into the warehouse and ensure items are in their correct locations

20. Other errands as required by management

21. Interact professionally with clients and suppliers at all times

22. Arrange vehicle repairs as needed

23. Keep mileage records if required

Working Hours

This role requires flexibility as event days and times differ.

The role is full time and is for 6 days a week to a maximum of 48 hours per week.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: From AED2,500.00 per month


  • UAE visa? No visa is provided with this job (Required)
  • UAE driving licence (Required)

To apply for this job please visit ae.indeed.com.